This part of my work truly is the arena where western painting and oriental calligraphy meet each other. I strive to present a harmonious combination of these two styles.

Calligraphy is in fact a sacred art because it is closely linked to Divine Revelation. This sacred quality is not only to be found in Persian-Arabic calligraphy, but also in many other schools of calligraphy, such as Zen calligraphy.

The dance of letters and phrases in each work symbolizes an ecstatic movement of all elements of the universe towards Divine Threshold. It is a motionless dance with a profound mystical message.

All texts of my calligraphy pieces come from sacred and spiritual books and writings, and the major theme of these works is LOVE. And as you will see I have practised different styles of Persian-Arabic calligraphy like: Kufic, nasta‘liq, naskh, thuluth, shekaste, diwani etc.  In order to enrich my work I have also incorporated some elements from other artistic traditions, such as Chinese/Japanese and Latin patterns.