free verse 2012-2013

Free Verse Poems





The Roar of a Lion,

The Breath of

The Swaying Pine Trees,

The Clouds

Framing the Azure Painted Sky.

In the Death-Birth Land,

Mother Earth.

My Mind is a Drop of Water

Containing the Dances of Ocean.

I Am and What Is Are Drowned

In The Emptiness.


May 2015

Invoking Your Hands

Invoking You

Help me!

With Your Blossomed Hands.

When the Fingers of the Sun, caress the Waves,

When the Current of the Sea combs the Tendrils of the Mosses,

When the Lighthouse beckons the Attention of the Captain,

And when the Night covers the Shorelines.

O hidden in the Smile of the Lotus,

Help me!

And make Your Hands the Paddles of my lonely Raft.


3 November 2012

False Hope

“ No doubt, that the Heavy Clouds would depart,

Brightly, that the Sun would shine.”

Repeatedly I give this False Hope to Pansies and Swallows.

More and more, the Sky is heavily burdened by the darkening Clouds,

Nature keeps on coughing,

So, the Spring is shrunken and the Sky is cramped involuntarily .

I wish I could go to the Beach,

Greeting the Shells and Sand-Grains,

Having a Sun-Bath,

And letting the Waves stroke my Dreams.

But whether the Sun emerges or not,

Life pushes its wheel forward.

I might wait for the next ten Decades,

Yet I keep believing awkwardly,

That the Waves and the Sea are One.


27 May 2013

Observing the Dancing Waves

Sitting on the River Bank*

With my Bag, filled with Neediness


While the Drums of Wind are beaten recklessly.

Here come the wild and mulish Waves

The Mosses turn agile and swing accordingly.

But the Stones still stand there:

So Stable,

And Static


A few Glances far from Me

There is a hungry and tired Bittern

Focused on the Dancing Waves

Or likely drowning  in a rare Thought:

That the Waves might throw a Fish out of Water.

And me,

With all Peace

Sitting on the River Bank

Observing the fleeting Waves.

Maybe an Inspiration would pass by

And a new Verse would unfold.


30 April 2013

* The bank of the Maas, Nijmegen, the Netherlands

The April Winter

Behind our Doors,

The Spring is shivering with a Wintry Cold.

It is an April Winter.

The Dew cannot annihilate into the Sun.

So, they get frozen unwillingly.

And the Flowers have lost their Faith in the Spring.

Desperately I wave at the hidden Sun

Behind the closed Windows.


April 5 2013

The lazy Spring

Eventually Spring displays Itself.

But the frozen Dews,

The suffocated Blossoms,

And the depressed Sparrows,

Cannot believe it.

The Winter Cold could strike back mischievously.

I sit calmly in my Room,

Drinking green Tea,

Saying to my simple Mind:

Why worry about Worldly Things,

When the Universe works stubbornly.

‘All formations are transient.’*

Everything is changing and Nothing lasts forever.


13 April 2013

  • Buddhist saying.

Observing the Waves

Today Army of Waves are:

Foamy, agile, offensive and wild.

Hastily they reach the Shore,

The half get absorbed into the Sand

While the rest retreat and return to the Sea.

So are our endeavours:

Barely the half might reach our Goals.

And the rest would be subject to illusion.

Certainty in our Lives

Remains scarce.


8 June 2013



The Wind blows mercilessly

Makes the Waves run,

The Rocks resist,

Getting the heaviest Blows.

The Wind blows hard again

The Grasses know no Resistance

And go

With the flow,

And bow.

Nature has certain Notions

And works accordingly

So, needless Resistance leads to Frustration.


June 2013


The Joy of the Autumn Rain

Let the Sky cry

Pouring  Tears of Joy.

Let the Rain fall

Let the Wind blow

Let the Rain dance.

Nurturing  the Dreams of Earth.

Let the Rain fall

Let the Rain chant.

Let my thirsty Mind get moist

To give birth to fresh Absurdities.

Surprisingly, the Rain brings Joy.

Let the Rain fall

Let the Rain smile.

Let’s  surpass the Dualities.

Yet, these Moments are neither yours,

Nor mine.

The Universe runs its Business,

Regardless of our Desires.


13 October 2013

The Tardy Spring

There is no Need for taking Shelter

In front of a Fireplace any more.

Finally, Spring leaps over the Fences,

Touching the Shoulder of the Orchard.

The Sun has crept playfully on to the Roof

And slid into my woody Room.

My reluctant Dreams are awake again.

My Aspirations get warmer.

My Pillow contains more Peace Now.

No Incongruity Now,

As the Blossoms renew their Faith in the Spring.

Little by little the Garden will splash into the shining Sun.

And the Birds rhyme a new Quatrain, called:

A Tardy Spring.

So, new Poems are nurtured.

Let’s go to the Beach,

Hug the Waves,

And kiss the turquoise Sky,

Before the dark Clouds hasten.


20 April 2013


Through the Spring- Wood

Walking through a Spring- Wood,

Where the Voices of Silence perform,

The Trees are wearing their greenish- silky Garments.

The Blossoms dance like a Ballerina,

Hand in hand with the tender Breeze.

There is no barbed Wire to obstruct my Imagination,

And joyfully I keep walking on the narrow wooden paths.

But suddenly an old fallen Tree,

Bridging the Gap of the Time,

Signifying the colours of the Impermanence.

I embrace the scent of aloneness,

Before going back,

To my grasping Mind.


27 April 2013